Receive 10% off our Sweatsuit Collection when you buy 2+ items | Free US Shipping for orders $100+
Receive 10% off our Sweatsuit Collection when you buy 2+ items | Free US Shipping for orders $100+
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About Us

SB3 was established in Tampa, FL in 2017. All of our clothing is designed in New York City but our inspirations come from around the world. We craft minimalist items in order to provide timeless wardrobe essentials that are sustainable, comfortable, and functional. We aim to promote slow fashion over fast fashion trends as our clothing is designed to be long-lasting and wearable all year round.

We have tried and tested hundreds of fabrics to ensure longevity of quality and shape. Before production, we consider factors of the fabrics like availability and price, human- and eco-toxicity of the fibers and dyes, garment care implications, shedding, shrinking and more. Through our research, we have chosen to use fibers like tencel, modal, bamboo, cotton, and viscose in our products. You may find fibers like lycra and nylon in our products as well due to their durability. To be sustainable, the clothing items must last the wear of time and also be affordable to produce. Since we are still small-batch, we have these fibers in the mix. We are continuously looking for more sustainable fabric alternatives that would be cost-effective and long-lasting.

We currently have our small-batch manufacturing done in the US. We ensure the factories we work with value and uphold ethical standards for the garment workers. 

As a POC-owned business, we want to pay homage to our culture, which is why we are currently working on designs with Indian inspiration we hope to have made by craftspeople in India. These designs will still utilize sustainable fabrics and ethical practices, but create a marriage between our dual backgrounds through heritage wear.